Dubai to Hong kong

So a couple of days ago, i had done a route with a friend and on our way to hong kong. I saw one of the most impressive sights ever. After a hard time of choosing, i chose to upload this one. Do tell me if you like it♥️. Here are the details of the flight.

Its a photo of my plane the Emirates 777-300er crossing the himalayas while the sun is about to set and everything is golden.

Server: training(i didnt have expert back then😆)


Passengers: 400 pax

Duration of the flight: 7hr 20m well spent🙂

And here is the beautiful photo that i chose above all. Hope yall like it

Do give me some more flight recommendations. I need some more flight hours lol. Thankyou


Charles de gualle (LFPG) to insbruck (LOWI) Airfrance Hop livery E190

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or Newark (KEWR) to Singapore (WSSS) Singapore a350 (19hr 10m)


I highly recommend any flight from Helsinki. Most preferably the Helsinki - Los Angeles route. The views are just unimaginable.

Maybe you could also try Los Angles to Doha, I flew through the North pole, and It felt really nice to be on top of the world. Literally.


San Francisco (KSFO) to Turkey (LTFM) Turkish Airlines 787-9 (12hrs 55 m)


Try EDDF-FAOR in a Lufthansa 747.

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A good long-haul flight is from Newark to Oslo. it is 5 hours and 47 minutes long.
Norwegian 787-9. you can fly over Greenland and Iceland


I tried that route. Long and tiring, but worth it.

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I’ve tried that route too. for me, it was a good 7-hour and 47-minute flight

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Fun long haul: Amsterdam to Cape Town or Sydney to Doha:

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Love the picture, you can do Los Angeles (KLAX) TO Frankfurt (EDDF) , with Lufty B747-8i , night flight.

Goodbye, have a nice day or night!

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