Dubai Region

Only time will tell.

Yea , that’d be cool.

MEA airlines, and Beirut Intl!!!


It would be good to see Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports included in the game.

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Yes! I agree :) It’d be amazing


I think the next region update should include UAE to qatar. It isnt too big for a device not being able to handle and its not too small. How cool would it be to fly emirates at its actual hub


Add dubai because is a great city with modern airport

Please search before posting

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While I would love to have a UAE region I think that we need more island regions. I am sorry about my last post as it was my own opinion and not meant to be offensive.


Why is it closed.

Why did you close it @misha

It was a mistake. The post that said Misha closed it was moved from the topic that was originally closed.

UAE + Bahrain + Qatar would be awesome lot of big busy airports!

Dubai World Central
Abu Dhabi

Doha, Hamad international Airport
Al Udeid, big American airbase


Even Dammam might fit in which is close to Bahrain but in Saudi Arabia.


Yes, I will fly all my real routes done! And you will love it too [ikr]

This nice region should be added, I would like to fly the Qatar 319 AUH-DOH-BAH-DOH-DXB-DOH-SHJ-DOH one time!, I will get thousands of XPS

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Must have region :)

Bahrain,Qatar and UAE will be very wonderful and In this region can be also island Kish,which is a territory of Iran

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I don’t see why this is so popular. How is a lump of sand with some airports this interesting?


its a hell of a lot more then a lump of sand and it’s tax free ;)


In Infinite Flight I think taxes would be the least of our worries. What I’m trying to say it, other than desert and cities and a few big airports, is there anything else? I can’t imagine there’s many municipal airfields.