Dubai-Night in the Lion City

Hello IFC! Today with Asia being featured I decided to fly an overnighter to Singapore from Dubai. A route which I have never flow before. This route took me over the Arabian Sea, India, part of Indonesia and down to Singapore. Hope y’all enjoy!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: Emirates Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time: 8 hours
Server: Expert

Beautiful takeoff into the Arabian Sky

Turnin East toward the sea

Off the coast of Pune, India

Karnataka, India

Cruisin along the Indonesian coast as the sun begins to set

As the sun sets behind the mountains we continue our flight towards Singapore

As we head for Singapore the moon shines bright in the nighttime sky

Beginning our decent into Singapore

Droppin the gear down on final approach above the Singapore Strait

Welcome to Singapore Changi!


Cutting it a bit close but I think we can let it go.

Anyways, nice photos.

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Nice moonshot my friend! Your photos are definitely improving a lot :)

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Thanks :)

Thank you!

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Cool shots! The 77W is so beautiful in that livery 😍

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During the same event I took the MD11-F from Dubai World Central (DWC) to Hong Kong, the views I got from the UAE desert, to India to Myanmar were really beautiful. This sector is really underestimated in IF !

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Thank you :)

That sounds like a beautiful route!


Dang that’s amazing