Dubai - Malaysia // Emirates Orange Expo A380 Tripreport (VIDEO)

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Flight info + more:

This is my first tripreport I have made, I hope you like it. Make sure you like and subscribe! More are expected to come this summer featuring Vietnam Airlines (A321), Air Asia (A320) and possibly Loas Air (ATR 72).

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Flight information:
Aircraft Type: Airbus A380-800
Livery: Orange Dubai Expo 2020
Airline: Emirates
Class: Economy Class
Flight number: EK344
Flight time: 6h10m
Departure time: 9:38PM
Arrival time: 8:50AM


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Great video and nice voice! 😹

ikr cringeeeee… i’m also sick btw so lol

very nice video loved the music and the commentary. Can’t wait for more DutchPilot1 TripReports!

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and I’m almost 13 lol so still 12

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Thanks @CaptainClark… Apreciated :)

Are you dutch?

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Yup. I can also speak Dutch :) moving to holland (den haag/the hague) this year.

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Wooow, thought you were from Australia.
You should make a swedish version instead ;)

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Can’t, I don’t know how to speak swedish lol. WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK I’M AUSTRALIAN? I did live there for a while tho…


People think I look either Polish or Austrailian…


People always think I’m completely Scottish because of my accent but I am mostly english (75% english, 25% scottish)

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Oh cool. Same I’m 75% Dutch and 25% from Hong Kong.

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