Dubai madness!

I took a flight from EDDF to OMDB today, and I was sort of expecting a busy arrival at Dubai…


I was a Lufthansa a330-300, but I didn’t show it in these pictures. I let the kings of the stage - the emirates - rule these pictures :)

These pictures were taken at approximately 12:30 Zulu time in the expert server on April 8th 2024.

An insanely long lineup at runway 30L

Emirates trio (isn’t this picture good for Emirates VA banner or something??? 👀)

Gate traffic

That’s it! Thanks for viewing this post, feedback and comments are much appreciated!


Awesome pictures! Geez, Dubai is crowded! How long did you have to wait in line to take off?

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I actually wasn’t in the lineup, I was landing from Frankfurt at runway 30R. But thanks for your kind words!

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Gotcha. I suppose I should’ve read your opening sentence lol

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