Dubai Ground Session

I’m back again with another… can you guess it… ATC timelapse! Today, Dubai was featured and I decided another ground session would be fun, and you guys have seemed to really enjoy these ground videos, so why not! Let’s get started with our session debrief, shall we?

Getting started, I opened around an hour or two after noon (CDT) and it wasn’t a terribly busy session throughout. At the beginning there was a wave of ground traffic, then it was mainly arrivals, then it finally switched back to a bit heavier ground traffic near the end, but definitely nothing that wasn’t manageable.

Not much to cover in this session recap beside the fact that the ground layout was a bit interesting because of the typical areas that arrivals were exiting would conflict with the path of departures if no intervention had taken place (progressive taxi).

To give you guys a better idea, here is a rough draft of my plan to keep everything running as smooth as possible :

Picture Legend

Red = Departures
Blue = Arrivals
Yellow = Incursion Hotspots

I tried my best to follow that red line for departures but pilots were a bit spunky today and decided to conflict with the arrival path, but hey, it always worked out. Enough rambling though, here’s the video!


A quick poll! Please answer this poll truthfully and honestly, I hope to cater as best as possible to everyone’s interest, this poll will help me in doing so!

Which type of ATC timelapse do you like better?

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That’s all I have for you today folks, sit back and enjoy the video!


Another great video and session, Shane! Keep them coming!

It’s remarkable that you like ground so much … it gets boring for me after a while. Also, great job with those “incursion hotspots”, I saw a few times where proactive messages prevented collisions.

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once again… i got the notification lol

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You make too many [amazing] videos. Well done once again, Shane. I loved watching the inbounds progressively slow down from the final leg to exiting the runway – super smooth when mixed with the departures and all of the great ground work.

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I wish people didn’t feel that way, I’m happy that I don’t have to fight to get ground… but I wish people took it more often. I find tower pretty stressful and annoying, and if approach goes offline, you’re done for. Ground is also more strategic and just fun to do, not nearly as stressful imo, though if it’s really busy then it can be bad.


Thank you, Luca. 💙

Agreed, it’s really satisfying watching them gradually come down to 30 knots then exit and smoothly work their way into the flow of the ground, it’s all worth the work once I record it and get it sped up. 😁

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