Dubai Gate Hold

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I know what a gate hold is but is there a particular reason why one is in effect at Dubai, and do we have a duration for it? Particular when I am seeing the controller allowing others to taxi to the runway.

Dont want to sit here waiting to fly a route if I could be flying somewhere else.



There’s a gate hold because there’s about 20 aircraft lined up at 30L


I can see that, what’s wrong with 30R, exactly? 😂

I’ll notify the ground controller to allow departures from the north


The gate hold will stay in place as long as is needed to clear the queue and ensure those departing and arriving have clear taxi routes. One would imagine it won’t take much longer than 5/10 minutes to clear it.

In regard to those taxing still it’s likely they may have already pushed back or didn’t listen to ATIS and asked for pushback and then they’ve pushed without permission not liking the hold position they received.

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Which is a ridiculous statement really…

I’ve been sat here for 15 minutes so far with the controller letting some pushback and taxi while he others wait. I’m simply asking for a duration, like I said - I already know what and why a gate hold exists and is currently in effect.


Your callsign I’m ground controller if you can get to 30r with out crossing 30L I will let you go

Etihad885, anyone from the NW cargo apron can access 30R without a runway crossing.

Do departures take place off RWY 30L and arrivals on RWY 30R? is that how the ATC are operating?

Both runways are in use it’s just hard to cross runways with amount of traffic

Ah yes. would the flow of traffic not be accelerated if one runway was used for departures and the other for arrivals. separation would be able to be reduced? :)

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Theres that much traffic coming in and going out cant just use 1 runway for landing

That’s not an option, and unfortunately IFATC cannot give routings to people. If they could, they would be able to route folk around 30L to 30R no problem.

I’m sure if approach extended the LOC intercept a few extra nm they would be able to have single runway arrivals as long as they maintained minimum separation. ah yes now i understand. taxi clearances can’t explicitly tell the pilot to taxi around 30L.


Dubai has 3 or 4 ways of taxiing around 12R/30L.

They do but pilots dont use them would rather ask to cross

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If only common sense could be taught, eh?

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haha very true. you would think expert server users would have a slight understanding and see that there’s a bottleneck meanwhile there being one free runway

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Yeah, you would think…

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Gate holds are common in large events.