Dubai DXB closing down rumors

DXB might be closing down and moving to DWC (dubai world central) this is because DXB has no room to expand and also at DXB the runways are too close together meaning that they can only use one runway this is bad for such a busy airport.But I think moving too DWC is better as the airport has room to expand and build more runways

Don’t ask for a link because my dad works for GAL in the tower at AUH (Abu Dhabi)they know as they are all in the same region


Where are you receiving your information?


@KeDoG3 there ^


I don’t think they would close down DXB, they’ve spent billion on that airport. Maybe Emirates might consider moving their base from Dubai Int’l to Al Maktoum Int’l to give fly Dubai some room to breathe.


As I have said there is no link …this is because my dad is an ATC at AUH and they know what happens as. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are in the same region

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Nope all the airlines that fly into DXB are moving to DWC

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Even then, I’m pretty sure they won’t close down OMDB.


This is like buying a footlong and throwing away 8 inches!


Listen as I have already said about my dad …should I tell him that you said he is probualy lying

What I heard the plan was for Emirates to solely operate at one of the two and the other flights either stay at DXB or move to DWC. That’s why I was looking for a link. Otherwise I would hold off on giving credibility to the rumor. Not faulting your father but whoever told him may have just been going off a rumor.

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Here’s a link from one of Dubai’s local newspapers regarding this. It says they want to move FlyDubai to DWC to free up space for Emirates to expand at Dubai Int’l.

If true (not saying your lying just no major conformation yet) this would be interesting to see how this plays out The article says Emirates plans to move too so leaves me thinking what there gonna do with that airport 🤔

@Flacky… MaxSez: Don’t think your Dad would appreciate you spreading his corporate rumors and loose talk on a public Forum, particularly this content. Family gossip is “Sacrosanct”! I’d suggest you delete content. There are snakes on this plane!


I have some sources and I can tell you that Emirates will continue operating in DXB.

They’re going to use DWC for their cargo planes and FZ will move “very soon”.

In the next years, when they’re going to reach the maximum operational level in DXB, they’re going to sent some planes in DWC.

I was many many times in Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Ajman/Sharjah… and I can tell you that DWC isn’t very far from DXB (approximately 20min by car) and there’s is the Emirates Airline Bus…

It’s correct…All Emirates and fly dubai flight and plane will move to DWC
the other airline will fly to and from DXB

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There will be not enough “non-Emirates” flight travelling to DXB.

Did you look how many billions does Emirates (in cooperation with Dubai Airports) paid for the brand new Concourse 3 (if I remember correctly)


Read this article pleaseee
"Emirates will also move its operations to DWC but not until the mid-2020s. DWC, located near Jebel Ali, could one day handle as many as 250 million passengers a year, according to previous comments."

Trust me, I’m well informed ;-)

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If they close DXB, then you just wasted billions of dollars.

They would never close it, the biggest airline operating there is Emirates so if it expands enough then the airline could operate exclusively from their but what I see happening and what they have hinted at is moving to Dubai World Central. Emirates already moved the cargo division so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they do move