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I noticed in Dubai that the controllers were operating a parallel approach operation meanwhile only using 30L for departures. A queue almost half the length of the runway developed due to tower trying to space approaches and departures for 30L meanwhile 30R was virtually not being used, with only a handful of aircraft using it. Then when I request to taxi to 30R I was told not to, and to taxi to 30L. Would anyone have an explanation, thank you!


Please pm the controller and the will be able to answer your questions.


Thank you!

I was controlling OMDB earlier today and with the design of the terminals and airports it’s easier to send them to 30L than having them to 30R and having them cross. Your controller was either me @Babacar or @alberto_lopez


Yeah I understand, in that case a 30L departure and approach on 30R would have worked and just get the landing aircraft to use the taxiways L3 and L4 which are the two that don’t cross 30L. Although I suppose that might be a bit tricky to enforce. Nonetheless great controlling at such a busy airport!!

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Yeah Dubai is a hard airport to control. There’s 120 arrivals for 2 runways and most of those are in the 6 hour time frame. If you want you can send the planes behind 30L but that requires progressive taxi which can be a lot of work.

Maybe i was you controller at that time, feel free to send me a PM!

Personally I took off from runway 30R.
In real life aircraft aren’t allowed to land on 30R which wasn’t respected, which I can understand because of the load of traffic which was quite intense

I was controlling around then, 30R is very hard to get aircraft to as you either have to cross a busy runway which means departures for 30L go even slower, or you have to send people up taxiway M between the runways, which makes loads of conflict for people exiting 30R. The dep queue was going smoothly enough, and even though it was slightly slow, it would have hit efficiency even more having to micromanage aircraft getting to R.

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