Dubai - Brussels | Emirates 77W

hello again

Yesterday did another amazing flight from Dubai International to Brussels International in Emirates 777, one of my favourite liveries and planes. Flew over extraordinary Europe and the marvellous Middle East. This included Athens and Vienna, where there was a lot of planes flying in and out (because they were featured hubs for FNF). I also finally did a smooth landing you could say of -138 FPM, which is not bad I guess considering the last few flights I have done after coming back in April to IF were like -200 FPM or below that.

Aircraft Route and Details

Aircraft: B77W (777-300ER)
Airline: Emirates
Callsign: Emirates 183
Flight Time: pfft, maybe 6 hours or something I don’t remember, probably like 6h 30 minutes or maybe longer because I had to execute a missed approach at one point.
Server: Expert

Just pushed back and started taxiing to Runway 30R, whilst another 777 is departing on 30L.

Now on the Runway about to depart whilst a Saudi 789 is approaching 30L.

Now took off from 30R whilst a British Airways 77W has spawned in to do a flight to Heathrow.

Flying over the lovely mountains of Iran.

Skipping forward to the evening, here’s my second approach into runway 25L at Brussels (my first approach as mentioned earlier was a missed approach).

Here is a cockpit perspective, the one above is from the Emirates 777 cockpit where you can see several planes waiting to take-off at RWY 25R (the line was quite big). The bottom one is the cockpit perspective from a Lufthansa A320 holding short of Runway 25L as I am on short-final.

Now touched down on 25L with reverse thrust. Both the Lufthansa A320 and the British Airways E190 (I think) waiting to get on the runway.

The last one and my favourite, parked at the gate next to a United 772, another Emirates 77W (who was doing the same route as me), and an Austrian A321 (I think). I am the furthest plane away from the picture by the way.


I love the colors in your photos, nice job!

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cheers for that!

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The takeoff looks good!


Niec shots! I flew this route a few months back, super fun!

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Thank you! @Suhas @Bill_Jones

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