Hello everyone, I just completed a flight today from Dubai (OMDB) to Bali (WADD) in the Emirates 777-300ER, I thought the scenery was great on this flight so I decided to share this flight with you!

Starting this trip off at gate F18 and we are in the process of loading 347 passengers and about 7,500 kg’s of cargo for this flight!

Here we are departing runway 12R with a very as we say goodbye to the beautiful beaches of Dubai!

Here we are cruising away from Oman at a cruising altitude of 33,000 feet

Here we are coming over the coast line of India going south of Mumbai!

Passing below Singapore! What a beautiful place!

Here is a nice overhead fly by with @CAPT.RAIHAN in the Citilink A320 going from Bali to Singapore!

Here is my favorite shot of the window view of some mountains as we start our decent into Bali! The scenery here is gorgeous!

Another nice shot of us on base into Bali! Yet again, the scenery😍

Here we are on final! So close!

And with a total flight time with 8 hours and 11 minutes, we have arrived at our destination! Always fun flying with @DubaiVirtual!

Hope you guys enjoyed these screenshots!


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