Dubai Airshow 2023 Aircraft Orders

Day 1 of the Dubai Airshow was a significant success for Boeing!
With the first day done, we look at the aircraft orders for Boeing.

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With the major news of Emirates announcing a massive deal for an additional 90 777Xs, including 55 777-9s and 35 777-8s, as well as a total of 35 787 aircraft.

Breaking: Emirates Places Massive Order For Boeing 777X at Dubai Airshow (

Moving to SunExpress, they announced an order for 90 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft; this is split between 45 firm orders and 45 optional aircraft. The 45 firm order consists of 28 737 MAX 8s and 17 737 MAX 10s.

Dubai Airshow Roundup Day 1: All The Biggest Aviation News From The Show (

FlyDubai signs a deal for 30 787-9s. More can be found in the link down below!

FlyDubai Goes Big - Real World Aviation - Infinite Flight Community

Royal Jordanian tags in.

Royal Jordanian has confirmed a deal for 4 787-9 aircraft. Royal Jordanian also reconfirmed another 2 787-9 aircraft, bringing their log to 6 total aircraft.

Dubai Airshow Roundup Day 1: All The Biggest Aviation News From The Show (

Royal Air Morac furthers its Dreamliner fleet.

With nine Dreamliners active in Royal Air Morac’s fleet, the company announced a deal for two 787-9s to help expand over the next 15 years.

Dubai Airshow Roundup Day 1: All The Biggest Aviation News From The Show (

That is all the orders from day one of the Dubai Airshow. Fingers are crossed for more orders for Boeing.

How does everyone feel about these new orders?


Er, guess we aren’t counting the 18 MAX 8s for Egyptair or the additional 30 A220-300s for AirBaltic:


Finally, Royal Jordanian buying new planes! Honestly I’m quite surprised they were able to buy these jets considering they are $300 million in debt… oh you silly management.


I must’ve skipped over Egypt Air; that is my fault. As for Air Baltic, I made this topic for Boeing orders only.

EgyptAir’s new MAXs are a lease, so does that really count?

Naming a topic “Dubai Airshow 2023 Aircraft Orders” really doesn’t tell you it’s just about Boeing. Hence why I replied with it.

True, but plenty of “orders” are just dry-leases. Not in this case with the other orders, but it’s still a new signing that happened during the air show.


I think the 787 has started to show its usefulness in the market with its 3 variants. I hope to see more come out for Boeing.

I would hope that the increase encourages more VA members to vote for a rework.


Ethiopian Airlines has placed an order with Boeing for 20 737 MAXs and 11 787-9s, with the option for two more.


EgyptAir ordered 10 A350-900 😍


That’s crazy I actually didn’t expect that from them fair play


I think this will be very beneficial in the long run for FlyDubai. I wasn’t expecting 30, maybe 5-10…


I’m honestly shocked that FlyDubai even bought any with Emirates already owning the entire long haul market in Dubai. Must be a special agreement between the 2. Maybe we’ll get to see some unique routes to Dubai that haven’t happened yet (hopefully SLC is s one of them 🤞)


Yeah, that must be the only way. They can’t really infiltrate the market already so well established by Emirates.

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Well given FlyDubai is a government owned airline, it could be that there was not much discussion to be had and just had to let it happen.

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I thought Emirates was also owned by the UAE government?


It is. Owned by Emirates Group, which is owned by the Dubai Investment Corporation of Dubai (not a great name).

FlyDubai: orders the 787


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I actually did not know that. Thought that one was only partially government.

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