Dubai Airshow 2017 | Aircraft Orders

The Dubai Airshow

The Dubai Airshow is this week (November 12th-16th). But this isn’t just an airshow… Its a conference meetup for airlines and manufacturers around the world! At these conferences, airlines will be putting in orders for new aircraft.

About The Dubai Airshow:
The Dubai Airshow is a biennial show held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is organised by F&E Aerospace since the year 1989.

This topic is to compile all of the orders made at the Paris Airshow (Will Add On As More Orders Are Made)

Boeing Aircraft Orders:

Boeing 737 MAX 8:
ALAFCO (Aviation Lease and Finance Co.) - 20 Orders
FlyDubai - 70 orders
SCAT Airlines - 6 orders
SCAT Airlines - 5 Purchase Options

Boeing 737 MAX 9:
FlyDubai - 50 orders
FlyDubai - 50 Purchase Options

Boeing 737 MAX 10:
FlyDubai - 50 orders

Boeing 747-8F:
Azerbaijan Airlines Group (Silkway Azerbaijan) - 2 Possible Order

Boeing 777F:
Azerbaijan Airlines Group (Silkway Azerbaijan) - 2 Possible Orders
Ethiopian Cargo - 4 orders

Boeing 787-8:
Azerbaijan Airlines - 5 Orders

Boeing 787-9:
Emirates - 60 Options

Boeing 787-10:
Emirates - 40 provisional orders

Airbus Aircraft Orders:

Wataniya Airways - 25 orders

Indigo Partners: 274 orders together
-Frontier Airlines - 100 orders
-JetSMART - 56 orders
-Volaris: 46 orders
-Wizzair: 72 orders

CDB Aviation - 45 orders

Air Lease Corp - 6 orders - to be leased to Air Arabia

Indigo Partners: 156 orders together
Frontier Airlines - 34 orders
JetSMART - 14 orders
Volaris - 34 orders
Wizzair - 74 orders

Air Senegal - 2 orders

Bombardier Aircraft Orders:

Egypt Air - 24 orders
Egpyt Air - 12 options

Dash 8 Q400:
Nordic Aviation - 2 orders


Ghana - 2 orders

The airshows website:

The Paris Airshow’s Thread:

More will be updated as more information comes out about these purchases

What do you think will happen?

Will Emirates sign a deal on the A380 Plus? Will Delta buy more B737’s?


Emirates does not need more A380s, I’m hoping that the 737 picks up some orders


Not to mention Emirates new First Class on the 777! Can’t wait, let’s see if it beats Singapore’s. I do hope EK will possibly change the order from A380’s to the A380 Plus.


I really want to see what happens with Emirates and the A380+

It’s going to be interesting


I bet you Emirates comes out with at least 100 A380+ orders, but I hope someone orders some more 777X


What are the odds of a 747 buy?!? #UnitedBuysB747-8?!?! :D


No, maybe FedEx or UPS might get more -8Fs though, United is done with the queen


Emirates always needs more A380s! 😂


I could see them transferring their A380 orders to A380+ though…


Expect an order of 20 777X to be announced. Boeing has 20 listed under the unannounced buyer category.


Or 737-MAXES. That’s possible. 😊

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I hope Bombardier gets a chance with their CSeries smh Boeing bullying them for no good reason.

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Can Air New Zealand buy the 737-MAX please?

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No they already have A320s.

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Aww. 😢 That’s sad. Jk! 😉

The website says 5 hours until the airshow starts! Let’s see where this goes

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Emirates should probably be placing an order of 350’s or 787’s.

Didn’t emirates cancel their A350 orders though?

I hope Etihad places some A350 orders?


Nah, they cancelled their A380 orders until there was a plus/neo version made, so we can expect some orders for that.