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Hello, I don’t know if anyone here knows this but OMDB has 3 different terminals but only one is used for other airlines, when I see people on Expert Server most people just park at the Emirates Terminals, if you don’t want to, I have no problem but I think one problem is not many people know! I will give an extremely basic Explanation.

Concourse 1 is the one of the far left, this is used for any airline that is not Emirates. This is used for any aircraft.

Concourse 2 is the middle one, this is mainly used for Emirates B777’s, but you will sometimes see a few Emirates A380 parked there.

Concourse 3 is the one on the right, this is the A380 Terminal, this will take all the Emirates A380’s and will sometimes take the occasional A380 from another airline.

Cargo gates, they are on the top of the screen above the two runways, this as you expect would be were the cargo planes will park, right? Yes and no, Fly Dubai Aircraft will very often use these gates as stands!

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Wow i knew that T2 and T3 were emirates but i didnt know that T3 is only for A380s
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Wish I could but it does not let me do that, thank you so much for reading!

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ah thats okay
nice report though

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I believe there is no Concourse 1, 2 or 3! there are terminal 1,2 and 3!
Terminal 1 includes Concourse D usually for non emirates as you said
Terminal 2 north side of airport for Flydubai and some other regional routes
Terminal 3 includes Concourse A,B and C
For more accurate info. please check link below

Terminals are the check in areas

I know, but Concourses in Dubai are named alphabetic not by numbers. btw thank you for this topic since many pilots seek reality and don’t know what is going IRL!

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Hi There! As @Hamid_RB has stated, there’s no such thing as Concourse 1, 2 and 3, there’s Concourse A, B and C and Conourse D which essentially is Terminal 1, However, there is still Terminal 2 and 3. Terminal 3 is used solely by Emirates 777’s and A380’s (previously some other airlines used T3 due to Terminal 1 closing). Concourse A and B is mainly used by the 777’s but occasionally there will be some A380’s and Concourse C is majority A380 used. Hope this helps! You can also check out the airport guide I made!


Yeah, I was just using numbers so it won’t be as confusing for others that don’t know the concept

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T3 Is both A380’s and B777’s I thought? I have taken B777 flights out of that terminal.

Well, it is mainly an A380 terminal but recently it has become both due to the lacking number of a380s

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