Dubai Airport Landing views

1) Background to the photos
Touch-down, Landed and Parked at Dubai INTL. Airport. Please leave a like on this post if you think the pictures deserve it.

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Time: Noon- 12:04 (Asia Dhaka), Dhaka (VGHS) To Dubai (OMDB), Etihad Airways (787-10), Expert server (grade-3).

3) Photos


Apart from the fact that its Etihad Airways at Dubai, this looks very realistic

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I thought they flew to Dubai

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Etihad Airways operates to & from Abu Dhabi as it’s their primary hub! Dubai International Airport is the hub for Emirates.


Hey guys, thanks for your replies. I understand that Dubai is not the hub for Etihad. The actual flight was planned from Dhaka (VGHS) To Abu Dhabi (OMAA). As Abu Dhabi INTL. Airport is not 3D yet, I wanted to take some shots while landing on a 3D Airport. Hope you all understand.

Cool pics ! Which terminal is it on 2nd pic ?

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Thanks. It is Terminal 3.