Dubai airport expansion

As we all know Dubai is a busy city, an incredibly rich city to and it is also the worlds number 1 tourist destination with more than 83 million passengers a year it makes it one of the if not, the busiest airport in the world. With more and more passengers coming in and out of Dubai every year, it needs an expansion. World's 5 mega infrastructure developments: Dubai's 'Super Airport' - News - Emirates - Emirates24|7

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The airport will have a total of 5 parallel runways all of them being 4.5 kilometres long with each runway being 800 metres apart. I personally think this is a great idea as Dubai is a very very busy city with a population of 2.7 million people. This airport expansion is well needed as every year more and more passengers are arriving at Dubai, let me know what your opinion is on this :)


I wonder what the runways would be called. Maybe 12LL, 12L, 12C, 12R, 12RR etc? 😂 Just kidding, obviously


This will honestly not be needed. Emirates has reported a loss this year, i think it isn’t needed.


Maybe on the left it could be 12L 12C 12R and on the right it could be 12L and 12R in fact no… Lol I don’t know

Will they be adding on to the original terminal or starting from scratch?

Wow! Big expansion! I thought the A380 Terminal would have been enough for some years! Lots of money in this project!

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It is not an expansion, but a completely different airport. I don’t know what will happen to the current one, but this is Dubai - World Central Int’l (DWC).

And - to answer @Kyle.Plane 's question:
Either, the runways are not entirely parallel, or the runway heading is rounded in the opposite direction to make the runway number.


Can’t have more than 3 parallel runways numbered like how you guys are discussing. Take KDFW for example. Dallas has 5 “parallel” runways but they are numbered 17L,R,C and 18L,R. No such thing as LL or RR marking on a runway.


One day they will not be rich

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It doesn’t need five runways. Too much confusion. Unless there handling 250 million passengers a year, which they’re not, then they certainly don’t need all of those. Gatwick handles close to, if not 50 million a year off a single runway if I’m not mistaken.

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Yeah but they do. Think of all the connecting traffic they get through, Emirates live out of there, and unlike London they really only use 1 airport for commercial traffic.


But the fact is they have 83 million a year…not 50 plus however many Heathrow handles

EDIT: Heathrow handles around 76 million a year.

Then why does DFW have 7 runways when it handles less than Heathrow?

More runways = More efficient departs and arrivals at busy times; less loss of efficiency if one has to be shut, easier maintenance planning etc.


But you could have an aircraft waiting to cross four runways potentially - that could take 10+ minutes depending on traffic. Not that efficient in that sense.

But, if, for example there is a minor accident at Heathrow or current Dubai; that’s several hours of single runway ops.

In global it won’t be anywhere near as busy, we will most likely have an airport to ourselves (Dubai probably won’t) My second global flight might be to Dubai or maybe departing from Dubai. The good thing is, because most of our airports should be almost like a ghost town, arrivals and departures should be so quick. Mind you, we still don’t know how ATC will work so we will either get unicom or ATC, I’d prefer ATC.

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Didn’t EK just recently said they would prefer to stay at DXB (because closer to the city) and make FlyDubai and other airlines move to DWC? Talk about wasting money and resources…

What’s that? Never heard of it.


Could have just gold me it was Emirates…

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