DUALSHOCK 4 disconnecting while flight

After decent take-off with dualshock 4, after some time it disconnect and when i reconnect the device it became unfunctional even affect the mobile devices’ default controls and in the conclusion plane crashes at the landing.

Hello and welcome to the infinite flight community. Do you have the replay of the flight and or a photos. Unfortunately I need more information to assist with your photo. Dan 77s answer is the most likely scenario.

Unfortunately, this is an ongoing issue with using 3rd party controllers for Infinite Flight.

If the controller disconnects from the device, once reconnected, Infinite Flight will not recognise the inputs. This cannot be fixed until the app is restarted.

I believe the developers have been aware of this issue for some time, but I couldn’t give you a timeframe on when it will be sorted.

In the meantime, if you find the controller disconnects, it would be worth trying to recalibrate the axis to your device’s gyroscope so you can at least continue with your flight.

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