Dual Runway's on airport bug topic

Duplicate Runway?

Infinite Flight v15.11.0
Location - South California, 9L2
According to AirNav it’s only Runway 6/24


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Will fix that for the next push. Good spot guys.


And the parking for it is in the KEDW selection part because I was at KEDW last night & I spawned at that airport when I picked Hangar N1


@ZaidSal The editing team can sort this, no need for Cameron :-)

I had already noted this before the release came. Technically there are 3 runways of exactly the same name on this map. The Edwards North Base 9L2 (See AirNav) is combined in this IF airport. I have renamed the runway (again) to see how this syncronizes, however, I have no idea how the runway marking system works (the new numbering methodology) which may have an impact here @carmalonso. In reality Edwards North should be a separate airfield. 2 airfields 9L2 and KEDW and one IF model!

OK This has now been fixed. Edwards North is 9L2. This should be resolved in next airport update.