Dual list glitch in callsign menus

In the call sigh menus if you take two fingere, and spread them apart or together as though you are zooming it creates two lists that spaz out, and twice crashed the app for me. Not sure if since I am more reporting a but than asking for a solution this should be in general, but just wanted to put that out there.
Also everyone is gonna want a photo, well I tried a few times, but it would not show on photos, so you are just gonna have to go on a mission of self discovery…🙃

Wouldn’t it be better practice to not try to zoom for a feature that you could just scroll through…


Hey there, is there any chance you can send a screen recording of this happening so we can check it out? Thanks!


Here is what I think the issue is…

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Ya @BluePanda900 has it, that is what happened