Dual approach / takeoff!

Hai there,

Post here your dual approach pictures!

Here’s the one from me!

Touch and go training on KPSP, Palm Springs intl 31R.
On my left side there’s another A320, I don’t know who that’s is, but nice landing!

Yeah I know that the landing help is on, but I don’t playing this game very much on my iPhone, the settings on my iPad are not sync with my phone. Sorry about that.



Really cool man!


For all of you, sorry for my poor English long time ago that i have spoken English.

EGLL landing

Those runways aren’t 1000m apart and to be super critical and realistic, simultaneous visual approaches like that shouldn’t be happening! Hopefully this was on playground (shouldn’t really be done here either actually…) and not being done on advanced, or worse, cleared by an advanced controller!