"Du-bye , Good Day!"

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MSFS has gone silent after this was released

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hmm, yes they did have a significant sales drop after my dominance, editing at its best…

Thanks for the compliment

No problem also how did you do this edit I want to try it with my A380 or A350

use snapseed, or if you have ios device, go to the normal editing feature

the key to getting realism is “definition” and 10% or less sharpness

Thank and yes I have the IOS 14 PM

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Yes, that’s good for the clarity of end product

Looks very cool

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Thank you brother, glad you liked it

All I see a plus sign and then it opens my photos

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Where do I find that? I

Yup then choose any photo to edit

You can do this in the photos app in the phone, in Snapseed use HDR and portrait

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45 Likes! 👏👏 I loved the photo! 😍

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thank you, glad you liked the pic

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That looks good! What editor did ya use

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Snapseed and the good fashioned underrated iOS photos editor

That’s cool!

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