Dtnh - eddt

3 hour flight
Air Berlin 737-700
Expert Server

I just wanted to share these pictures from my scenic flight today. First we rotated out of DTNH. After a little bit of flying we reached our cruising altitude and saw the Italian coast. As we descended down into Germany we passed over the Alps and had company below us. 30 minutes later we were on final and settled down onto the runway. Thank you for the flight @Tsumia!


Glad I gave you the suggestion. Definite keeper of a flight.

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This post definitely inspired me to do a flight to DTNH soon! I like flying to airports that I’ve never been to before.

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Definitely a good airport to fly in. Nice long beach when arriving from the north.

Definitely recommend it!

What happened on takeoff? and um the landing? nice photos btw

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Ummm… I don’t want to talk about it 😂

Not my best, but I didn’t crash.