DTMB not big enough for 777-200ER

Wasn’t sure whether this should be in #live or #support but I have a slight issue.

I am currently flying to Monastir (DTMB) and the airport code is red which suggests the 777-200ER is too big (the airport icon is green so visibility is fine) - but DTMB is listed on the ATC schedule and I really don’t want to receive a violation from landing.

Please help. I am currently 2:57h away from the airport.


Divert to a suitable airport. This airport will eventually get reworked by IFAET, where the gate sizing issues will most likely be fixed. 🙂


Thing is - shouldn’t I have been given a warning when I filed my flight plan saying that DTMB was not a suitable size for my aircraft because that is a thing now. Slightly odd.

If I have to I’ll divert to Tunis (DTTA) but I would rather not.

Could a mod perhaps help me with this? If the airport isn’t a suitable size for the 772 - why is it on the ATC schedule for 777 Routes?

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According to the User Guide, landing at an airport that is too small is not a violation reason but can a mod please confirm this.

I am no mod, but you are correct you SHOULDN’T get a violation for landing at an airport that is to small for your aircraft. It should give you a warning when making your flight plan so maybe there was a glitch?? Anyway enjoy the rest of your flight !!


I was about to say this would go in support. But yes you shouldn’t get a violation for landing there.

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Divert to a bigger airport.
Hopefully you wont get a violation :)

Enjoy your flight.

I am part of the IFAET, and can confirm the airport was reworked long ago. We don’t add buildings as concrete anymore, and this one has them. It will probably be reworked in the future, but nothing that can be fixed in 3 hours, unfortunately. Your best bet would be to divert, or PM the controller.


OP Requested - solved

DTMB will be updated in next Airport database cycle to accommodate all aircraft that can fly there in real world.

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