DST ends Sunday 25th in Northern Hemisphere


Just to make everyone aware, Daylight Saving time ends, this following Sunday 25th October for most countries in the Northern Hemisphere. UK Time will become the same as Zulu Time (eg 0600Z will be 6am)

This is especially important for people who are planning events - so make sure that if your event is after 0100Z on the 25th October that your event is at the correct time and not 1 hour out.


Actually US and Canada DST end a week later


That’s why I said most countries

As an American I can confirm being the exception is our favorite hobby 🤗


Well US and Canada are really popular in IF still

I can’t wait for march because we move the time 1 hour forward!

Note this is sarcasm especially if the time change in march is on a weekday.

It always changes on a Sunday

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