Drxw's ATC Tracking Thread - IFATC Journey Complete

Drxw’s IFATC Tracking Thread

About Me
Hello! My name is Drew, a student pilot and long time aviation enthusiast. I’ve been working to earn my wings for a while and have dabbled in Air Traffic Controlling before. However, given the fact that I have yet to gain enough experience, I’ve elected to consult all of you, the community, for feedback and help in hopes of mastering the “art” of Air Traffic Control. So please, leave me a comment and give me a rating and don’t hesitate to be critical, it’s what I’m here for.


Special Thanks to…


Thank you all for flying in during my sessions. I truly appreciated the challenge, the thrill, and most importantly, the feedback that came afterwards.

Huge Shoutout to…

@ToasterStroodie, my one and only trainer who straightened out my skills. To be fair, I wanted to strangle him for making me repeat the same practice sessions over one mistake, however, I cannot thank him enough for pushing my limits.

@Shane, the Recruiter who headhunted me into the IFATC community. Should one peek into our DMs, you’ll see many times where I’ve pestered Shane over very small matters. Thank you for putting up with me and walking me through the process.

Previous Sessions

Session 1


  • Server: Training
  • Airport: KDCA
  • Frequencies: Tower / Ground
  • Duration: 2021-04-08T01:00:00Z2021-04-08T02:00:00Z


  • Ground Awareness. Know the taxiways and runways.
  • Give EARLY Clearance. Issue a Clearance as early as crosswind or the start of downwind,
  • Make sure to be handing off aircraft upon Departure
  • Know transition altitudes. Calculated by adding 2500ft to elevation. Controller may round up.
  • Clearing for the option. First clearance should include traffic direction. All clearances to follow are assumed.
  • Sequence aircraft. All aircraft in the pattern require a sequence if they’re going to the same runway.
  • Refrain from sending duplicate messages. Ex: no need to give clearance if Option clearance has been given.
  • Give exit and handoff. Full stop landings require exit commands (70kts for jets, 30-40 for props).

Session 2


  • Server: Training
  • Airport: KIAD
  • Frequencies: Tower / Ground
  • Duration: 2021-04-08T02:00:00Z2021-04-08T03:30:00Z
  • NOTAMs: Traffic Patterns use Rwy 12 ONLY


  • Pattern Clearances are only necessary when an Aircraft is entering the pattern or changing runways.
  • Sequence Aircraft to follow.
  • Make sure to give clearances at their allowed time (Crosswind/Downwind)
  • Avoid purposefully forcing runway changes unless requested.

Session 3 w/ Paul-IFATS


  • Server: Training
  • Airport: EFHK
  • Frequencies: Approach
  • Duration: 2021-04-08T14:00:00Z2021-04-08T15:30:00Z
  • NOTAMs: Patternwork use Rwy 33 ONLY


  • Make sure to vector aircraft efficiently
  • Visual Approaches require pilots to report Airport in Sight
  • Clearance. Make sure to clear them for a runway prior to handoff.
  • Time the turns. Make sure that aircraft are turning at the correct times.
  • Assign Altitudes. Don’t forget. ILS Approaches are normally 4000’ - 5000’ and getting on the Localizer is at 3000’.
  • Keep things short and sweet, no need to vector too wide. Give direct turns. Refer to PM with Kedz for a visual.

Session 4


  • Server: Training
  • Airport: KIAD
  • Frequencies: Tower / Ground
  • Duration: 2021-04-09T01:00:00Z2021-04-08T03:00:00Z
  • NOTAMs: Traffic Patterns use Rwy 12 ONLY


  • Review the METAR prior to opening to find the best departure/arrival runway.
  • Ensure that you are giving the correct clearances. Landing clearance for Full Stop vs Option clearance for Patternwork.
  • Issue early exit commands.
  • Use “Give Way” instead of “Hold Position”


@ToasterStroodie You thinking what I’m thinking?


If y’all are planning on swing by, please do 😁

I’m beginning to see the error of controlling a Regional Airport in the Training Server 😅

Can’t come at the moment, but I’ll stop by next time

Sounds good, I’ll open up later tonight, should I tag you then?

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Sure, feel free


still open?

Yessir! Will be open for another 30 minutes then later tonight

alright im coming now!!!

Looking forward to it!

Please no straight-in 19s.

I’ll drop by for a few, Drew.

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Sounds good, so far have had quite a couple interesting approaches xD

@ToasterStroodie Really testing my knowledge of transitional altitudes xD Disregard my clearance, that was the wrong plane :P

Feedback from D-MOAZ:

good session there, I have some things to point out tho

  1. The hold position wasn’t necessary at all , the other traffic was on another taxiway , so if I pushed back there will be no conflict.

  2. The clearance was late, I recommend issuing a clearance as early as crosswind and at the start of downwind , so you have time to sequence , change the sequence if necessary , and most important of all so you don’t forget.

  3. when an aircrafts request departure don’t forget to change their frequency by “freq. change approved” not a big deal though

Thats all from me , hopefully next time more traffic is present so you can test your sequencing , and I recommend choosing an airport with parallel runways , so you can test your runway changing.

Thanks for having me!!!

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Thank you! I look forward to having you again, hopefully at a airport where all the runways aren’t just one big headache xD I really have a lot to learn regarding the patternwork instructions though and really appreciate the feedback <3

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there is a lot of simple airports with parallel runways that are easier than KDCA, if you want I will give you some names

KLCK,EDDL,KADW these are 3 of hundreds more, you can also check other’s airports.

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I’ll get some feedback up in a bit, Drew; dinner is calling!

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Same here, thanks for coming. Definitely gave me a challenge and I apologize in advance for the weird messages… I blame that on my slippery fingers xD

Thinking of going to KIAD or KATL for my next session. This time I’ll do a little more homework 😂