Drunk Pilot “Oh Boy”

So I came across this article just now, can’t say I’m too shocked to see it. Recently this has been a common issue where pilots aren’t fit to fly due to intoxication. This is likely going to be putting the colleagues on board aswell as the passengers in a very dangerous situation. So what can be done about it, perhaps breathalyser testing being a requirement before flights? I’m keen to hear your opinions.

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All you can do is hope that only one of the pilots will be drunk, and the other one will be sober. Ideal case scenario is that the sober pilot makes sure the drunk pilot can’t fly.

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That’s new, that’s not something you want to be reading, while on a plane

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I thought that would’ve been implemented by now! But I guess not


Yeah! You would think so. He had to smell of alcohol. I think this should open some eyes. Especially if a large number of lives are in your hands 🤷‍♂️

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It’s such a pity that pilots train so hard and go through all of the rigorous training, all to just throw it away because of a reckless and negligent stunt.


What is that in your profile picture 😂? @Aussie_Wombat

It’s a Wombat, an Australian Animal, probably Hence why is name Is Aussie Wombat

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I had a feeling, it’s looks like a nice creature

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Tis a lovely creature

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What about one of those things cars have, where it won’t start until you blow into a breathalyser and you give a satisfactory breath/blood alcohol reading

It’s a living breathalyser, that’s what it is.

What car has that built in? It’s usualy the police when they suspect someone’s drink driving.

It is usually fitted to cars owned by people charged of previous DUI charges https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/safety/road-safety/drink-driving/penalties/interlocks

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Wow never knew that. I shall look into it

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