Drunk driver runs into Army AH-1F


The South Carolina Aviation foundation is trying rebuild an Army AH-1F after an incident took place in December. The Driver was driving drunk when the driver mistook an access road to the airport as the highway where the AH-1F was parked on the on a dead-end street, the officer said. The man told police he “consumed way too much alcohol” and was trying to get to the interstate.

The foundation says the 53-year-old chopper sustained around $6.6 million worth of damage. Insurance won’t come close to covering the repairs, said Lori Wicker, the director of the organization’s student program.

The aircraft was used to teach students about science, technology, engineering and math. It was restored and decoratively painted and had been put out as a Christmas display on Dec. 14 when it was struck, Wicker said. The helicopter is one of six that the organization has renovated to educate students and the public. Veterans and active-duty soldiers volunteer to do the renovations on the donated aircraft.



That’s new.

“Drunk driver hits a helicopter”




This is such a bad situation, and very sad that it hit a volunteer organisation. You could say that this wasn’t the best place to store the helicopter, but life strikes when you least expect it right…


Its a tragic to see this happen, hopefully the Army can support or help out with some cost or other organizations can.

I saw that photo.

And I realized where my tax money might be going.

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If you live in South Carolina it’ll go to this individual jail and other stuff, not the helicopter since it’s privately owned

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People just don’t get the memo to don’t drink and drive. Idiot. Hope they can renovate the helicopter in the near future.


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