Drunk Citilink Co-pilot Cleared to Fly

Surubaya, Indonesia. An alleged drunk co pilot gets cleared by security on December 28, 2016.

don’t drink and drive and worse drink or fly


Well, this is certainly someone you don’t want to see go into the cockpit!


His walk was more balanced than my first relationship😂. But seriously they all knew he was drunk and still let him go😔


Just unacceptable and incredible.


No no no, how is this anyway even close to acceptable? Complete madness

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He was very drunk and that was completely unacceptable by the airport staff and Garuda. He was even allowed to pass security stumbling around and spilling the contents of his bag! Then he was completely delirious in the cockpit. He asked someone else to fly the plane and slurred the safety brief.


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He wasn’t clear to fly, he was suspended. He just got past the checkpoint.

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The world is a scary place…

No it’s not. There are just some really stupid people.

He got into the cockpit

But he didn’t fly, I don’t know how he got in the flight deck, but hey, he might be an important person. Not condoning this behavior, but those attitudes are alive and well in certain countries.

Exactly, he passed the checkin staff, security, boarding staff and then he was found drunk by the pilot.

Here I Kenya a pilot’s license can be suspended or revoked if found drunk

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As an Indonesian, I’m ashamed with these kind of incidents. There was some allegations that the pilot, who worked with AirAsia before moving to Citilink. Was sacked because of the similar cause (Drunk Pilot), However, when I saw a statement from the former Citilink CEO (The CEO did resign because of this incident) in Primetime news about 15 mins ago, He stated that there were no strange background when they accepted this pilot. Glad that the passengers reacted to the weird Pilot Announcement which I’ll link below (Passengers described that the Pilot didn’t do a formal PA, instead he was speaking in a mix of Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) and English with his horrible grammar :/. And some unknown language)

It’s incredible how this pilot can fly this airplane, I don’t want to see another Germanwings Flight 9525 to be happening again :/ (But glad that the passengers did stopped him before they crashed during the flight). He did arrive late (Sources said that he woke up abit late) so he didn’t attend the briefing, and the health test.

From Primetime news, The KNKT (Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee) agrees to improve the Aviation regulations in the future after this incident.

Btw, Here’s a statement from the drunk pilot

I’m sorry that the video is in Indonesian, I can’t find another one in English

@GolferRyan As an Indonesian, I do acknowledged that Indonesia’s Aviation has one of the worst safety record in the world. But that doesn’t mean all Indonesia’s carriers are bad, Just look at Garuda Indonesia, In the past, They are known for their bad safety records. But look at it now, It changed now. They did change themselves since the latest Crash in Yogyakarta (GA200). That shows that not every Indonesian carriers are bad.


Now that it’s gone viral, the pilot will be dealt with. There is no way the Indonesian authorities would want to lose this much face. [quote=“SingaporeAirlines, post:18, topic:88515”]
As an Indonesian, I’m ashamed with these kind of incidents.
Please don’t be. What your authorities do is not representative of the attitude of the people as a whole.

I agree that there are issues with the safety culture, but with the Air Travel industry growing at such a quick rate, authorities are more inclined to turn a blind eye. Please stay safe.


Makes you wonder how often this happens with flights.

Stop being a stereotype.


You mean “stereotypical” not stereotype…