Drunk Canadian Pilot Arrested

An interesting read, especially after the Citilink incident!
Drunk Canada pilot arrested in cockpit before take-off


Another similar cases like Citilink one (And less than a week after the Citilink one). I hope these kind of “trend” can be stopped before dangering passengers lives


Was it the first officer or the captain? This is not something that should happen really bad.

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It was the Captain


I wonder what’s behind this kind of behaviour. Is it a cry for help? Personal problems? Did he really plan to fly?
He could have called in sick. Not necessarily a solution of his problems though.

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Article has an error, pilot is from from Slovakia on a work visa permit with sunwing.
So the title has an error


Nope, these types of things will keep on happening. Murphy’s Law :)

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@Andre_S most pilots suffer from failing marriages due to their work, finance problems and etc. But still no reason to be endangering other people’s lives.


He wasn’t actually Canadian. He was from Europe. Just happened to be flying a Canadian route in a Canadian plane.


This is nuts! why does this keep happening?

I saw on the news!

It’s sad how these brilliant aviationists let alcohol get the best of them. They can fly and prove aerodynamics, until they go over to that bar and intoxiccate themselves!

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This is terrible, the passengers and now the pilots?

Things like this really makes my blood boil. Hope the pilot never gets to touch a plane. Ever.

I’d rather be a little high flying that plane than totally drunk. Lol

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