Drum bell ?

I was flying a A321 in WSSS. I found difficulties of doing a loop landing. I takeoff at runway 20C and I fly at about 4500ft , and I tried to go around and land on 02C using auto landing but it is very weird.
How to make it easy ? Help please 🤔🙂

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I heard it goes crazy with flaps

How crazy ?

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Please make your title more descriptive.

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Like if you already deployed flaps and activated APPR it will pitch up like 10-15 degrees.

You need to have the ILS or GPS approach selected for that runway.

Hello! I think you need help with the auto land function. Here’s a great tutorial I selected for you:

Hope that’s help :-)


I mean you have to be at the right speed for your flaps setting. You can’t just deploy them at any time

Maybe stay at 1500ft rather than 4500ft. It may be too high.

Make sure you have enough space for lining up as well!

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