Drukair Airbus A319 (A5-JSW)

It would be cool if FDS adds the Drukair livery to the A319 AFTER global. If FDS does add this anyone could do a realistic Paro approach (after Global comes out of course) because no airline in IF flies to Paro. It also looks really good on the A319 (w/ sharklets).

Source: Planespotters India
(Sorry if this is a duplicate)

Aren’t they called winglets?

airbus calls them sharklets


Pushing back toward the runway? btw cool one!


yes it is pushing back. Thanks :)

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Vote for your own feature or nobody will want to vote for it

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I’ve watched documentaries about the Paro approach and I can’t wait to do it in Global! It would be awesome to do it in the real aircraft!

Winglets is what Boeing calls them on the 737 ,757,767 .raked wingtip 777,787 aircraft and Airbus calls them sharklets on the A320 family I’m not to sure about the other Airbus planes


Because that’s Airbus’ thing…

Pretty sure it’s Boeing that calls them winglets 😉

Here is a simple way to remember sharklets and winglets.
Airbus likes sharks.
Boeing likes wings
-lets fly!

Never heard about this airline, but their livery is good and would be good in IF.

I do agree that I imagine any place in Bhutan is going to be beautiful in global. Good second option I case some votes get freed up.