Druk Air A319-115

Just thought I’d bump this up, being within the region today. It would be great to use this aircraft on the challenging approach to Paro!

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I hate using Batiks livery since it is exclusively Indonesian and not Bhutanese. We need this.

This would be great! I’m flying this plane from Delhi to Paro later in the year

I like their livery, especially the dragon on the tail


I really think this is a great livery and it should be added to the game. I have been flying the Paro approach to Runway 33 and I think I’m addicted… I’ll try and find a vote quick…

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Do the Runway 15 approach.

You wont

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You like legit spawn into a mountain… lol

Same! Even a Druk Air or Bhutan callsign would be appreciated…

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You don’t need to spawn like that in Solo. Spawn for a Runway 33 approach, fly over VQPR, over one of the adjacent mountains, turn in between the valley ahead and try going around the hill.


I never knew this Drukair A319 has sharklets. Makes this livery 10x better. Especially for ATC choice today

I personally prefer no sharklets, mainly on the easyJet A320 but I still like the art of the sharklet.

You have my vote!😁

beautiful painting, it would be great to approach Paro, Buthan.

This is a nice livery. I’ll vote.