Dropshot from France to Grade 3 Italy

First off I would like to thank Schyllberg and Misha for being so supportive, helpful, and welcoming. I’ve been really on a tear trying to earn my grade 3 and I am ecstatic to announce that I have finally reeled that fish in as of this evening. I took a great lil flight in my first flight in an A321 which lasted just under 1.5 hours.
I’m also proud to say that I may just have this commercial airliner landing down as I was able to execute my best yet. Let me know what you think in the attached video. Cheers and great flying to you all


Departure: LFLJ runway 5
Arrival: LIED runway 17L

Aircraft: Airbus A321-200 (Gulf Airlines)
Duration: 1:24
Server: Training

Copy & Paste Flight plan:



Nice pictures! A321 at Courchevel?

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Great photoshoot looks like a butter landing

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Yeah random choice and made it work. It was like trying to launch a tank off an aircraft carrier hence the title of the topic 🤣. Glad the valley is so deep or it definitely would have proven not to be a viable airport for the lil old 321. lol

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Thanks man much appreciated, stoked to have my grade 3

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Nice picture. Welcome to Expert Server!!!


Thanks a ton man, going to make my first flight on it this morning.

Great photos, and an A321 at Courchevel?? What! Surprised you managed to land there 🤣

That landing could be better though 😉

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Please elaborate on how, up until now most my landings are crap and I’d really like to get it down. I will tell you that the next flight I took was with a MD DC10 and it did not respond as well to the same landing parameters lol

So I guess that’s a no? 🤷‍♂️

My big tip is to cut throttle between 10-20 ft above the runway and then flare. However the flare only needs to be small as the ground effect on the wings also helps the landing V/S 👍 but if you really want to improve; pattern work. Keep doing patterns in the aircraft you want to improve on. Also all aircraft are different; e.g. I’m quite good at A318/319/320/321 landing but crap at B737/738/739 landings

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Thanks brother I appreciate it. I don’t know enough about these bigger birds. Much appreciated

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