Dropped to grade 3?

Right before I was about to sleep, I checked my grade table and found that I had dropped a grade…

I understand how I’ve dropped, the question I’m asking is why? I’ve barely been on expert server at all and even when I’m on casual I always obey the rules.

If a staff member can find out why I was dropped then I’d be grateful.

Show us the whole grade table please.

I think you may have 6 violations in the past week when the max is 5.

You’re a grade 3 because you have 6 ghostings (reports) in the past 2 years. The requirement for a Grade 4 is 5 reports total over a 2 year period.

Ghostings are now taken into consideration on the grade table.

I understand why I was dropped, I’m just asking a moderator to find out what time it happened and for what reason. And those are ghosts, not violations

Ah ok. Understood. Those ghosts are probably old ones then.

Yeah, its likely they’re old. You would have to go into the logbook and and go back to find your oldest report.

I think they’re old ghosts actually. I just assumed that I was ghosted without my knowledge.

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So, how long will I have to wait before I can be grade 4 again?

You have to wait for the oldest ghost to fall off. Go in your logbook and check when was the last ghost.

Ok. Thanks for the help. A mod can close the topic now.

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