dropped to Grade 1

Hi, I somehow dropped to Grade 1?? something about Violations… which I should have not have gotten… many of these where mistakes and issues with my phone causing glitches, and the other day I had to purposely crash my plane because I was going to miss the bus for work…
Anyway… Now I am mistakenly at Grade 1… it won’t let me use Trainer server. How can I very quickly upgrade back to 2… so I can use Trainer server again?

I also want to add that many glitches was on the plane as well… such as flaps not working, when turn them on the plane will steep and climb, etc. this also caused me violations which I had nothing to do with on purpose!

Were you flying a 757?

Try doing tight patterns and smooth landings in windy conditions. This will boost your level of XP.

no… but MANY times it would happen on the Dash 8-Q400… so I had to stop using that plane, other planes, I have no problems with :)

how many flights on casual should I do to get back to Grade 2?

Post screen shot of your stats…ppl can make recommendations based on that

Ok, the Dash 8 is made for flying slowly. Flaps 35 is rarely ever used, unless the winds are extreme. They are accurate physics, as IRL it is never put to that extent. Next time, be on final approach at, and land, between 100 and 120 KIAS.

Don’t do that. That is asking for violations and/or a ghost. It is even easier to simply click on the three lines in the bottom right corner, click on ‘END FLIGHT’ in the bottom left, and click on ‘YES’ in the middle.

For the glitches, check your WiFi. If it is a bad wifi, that is on you. If there is something specifically caused by the app that you have no control over, or that you couldn’t have prevented in any way, then there is an issue with IF. Discuss it with a mod.

Don’t jump into any aircraft’s unless you know basic physics of the aircraft’s… imo safe ones are…A319,320, a330 737, 777, 787 etc… unless you know the take off and landing configuration don’t fly any aircrafts unless it’s on casual server.

often it is bad wifi… but it still causes my plane violations. and yesterday I was live streaming, I didn’t want to end flight… I wanted to land and get out of there… to be nice to the people who were watching and wanted this flight…

and for record… with the dash 8-Q400, when I not forcing a crash… when I try to land on a normal flight ALL THE TIME, even flaps 1 causes me to rise like crazy…

There is no option for flaps one. That sounds slightly off to me

You don’t have to crash your plane when you want to quite. You just need to press the three bars on the bottom right and press exit.

For the flaps you need to slow down. Each plane has it’s own flaps limits/speed.

Im not an idiot… I know what to push… and again I just explained why i didnt want to end flight! I was doing a PLANNED streamed flight… ending a flight would have been rude of me and to just leave…

and for record I was already at it’s slowest speed! I was at 140… and even the first flaps option would mess up…

It’s slowest speed is 97 kts

It rarely goes above 120 kts at or below 6000 feet.

I just want to know how to get back to grade 2 ASAP… I already know about glitches and don’t care, I only care about going back to Grade 2

Wait one week and you will be back. Nothing else you can do. Literally nothing else.

A WEEK!! why the heck a week!

Because that’s what the IF mods/staff decided. If you want to fight them, go ahead. I suggest you don’t, but it’s your decision. They’ll probably ban you from the IFC or suspend you if you do.