Dropped down to Grade 2 for no obvious reason...

In the morning, I set a flight going from Bern in Switzerland to KJFK. The flight seemed to be going smoothly, but when I came back to the flight at the end of the day, I had a pop up on my screen saying that Grade 3 is required. I’m confused, as I hadn’t violated any rules, and so when I checked why I had dropped back down, it said I had 3 violations that flight. I’m bewildered…

Please provide a screen shot of your stats screen.

The violations will cause you to drop. Often times on auto-pilot you may get dinged for over-speeding. Keep in mind that the higher you go the max speed changes as well. Also there are cases where someone will turn off autopilot for some reason which can also result in violations. Its hard to say when you are not holding the device.

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I guess you might have made some violations when you left your device (Probably due to Overspeed Violation). Some users also suffer this unfortunately. It’s recommended to keep an eye on your device in the future in order to avoid violations if you can 😊


I did at countless points of the day. I had kept well within the limits.

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Your Violations for one day is 3 when it should be 2 to qualify for Grade 3.

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I find it funny you say you did nothing wrong and then in the same paragraph you say you earned violations. Those two statements are contradictory. Either you have violations or you do not and if you have them, it means something went wrong. Plain and simple.


I know that… you have just re-stated my point…

Well, I hadn’t done anything wrong. I’m not asking to be moved back up, all I’m asking for is an explanation.

If you got any violations it means you did something wrong…
Just wait for the violations to go away and you’ll be back to grade 3.

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I’ve said this already… I know I did something wrong, but I just don’t know what it is.

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Okay and neither do we, but you obviously did something wrong if you got 3 violations. Just wait it off, enjoy the beautiful scenery on the Training or Casual server, and come back to expert in a few days. Grade level should probably be one of your least priorities right now after an update we’ve all been waiting over a year for has finally been released!


I would agree with what you said, I should be happy about the update, I’m just annoyed I have to sit and watch rather than be able to leave my ipad. (Though the scenery is incredible)

Did you know that if you fly on the casual server you don’t have to worry about receiving violations during your flight? That’s the sever I’ve been on for the past 7+ hours doing a long haul and crossing the pond while I was asleep. I didn’t have to worry about anything other than fuel, since I knew I wouldn’t receive any violations throughout my flight at any time. Now, you don’t have to sit and watch your iPad while you’re flying ( although you should because of the views ;) ) !


Replied via PM on the violation reason.


The explanation is not to eave your device and to not assume your aircraft didn’t do anything when the system clearly says your aircraft did something 🙂

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You can’t really expect someone to sit at their device for a full long haul flight.


Here are a few reasons I think you might have gotten those vio’s.

  • Overspeeding

  • AP turned off causing you to sping down, violations were then given for either overspeeding or aerobatics.

I can’t think of any others xD best of luck finding the reason!

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