Drop Your Display Names!

Drop your display names! I wanna follow some people on Infinite Pilots. πŸ˜›

(Names in italic are the display names.)

(This is a wiki, so you can edit it.)

Display Names

β€’ FlyFi - FlyFi - Don Francis
β€’ Henrik - Henrik Berg
β€’ DiamondFlight1011 - DiamondFlight1011
β€’ Benny - IFATC Benny87654321
β€’ Nicholas_L - IFATC Nicholas L
β€’ AmericanAirlines - AmericanAirlinesFDS
β€’ CaptainDawud - IFATC-TFS CaptDawud
β€’ Blizzard - Blizzard
β€’ HairlineAirlines - HairlineAirlines
β€’ Adrien - IFATC Adrien


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Oh, you’reee Sean Tea…


Infinite.Flight β€”InfiniteFlight β€”

It’s a duplicate.
Community members names on IF

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Oh well.