Drop Down ? (Many Bugs on Cubot x11)

I was Flying at 13500 ft AGL @450kts flaps:0 and than currently I was descending like VS:-12000 without Down/up pitching of the nose
I was in Cockpit and there was no Stall warning after 3 seconds I crashed into the ground

Aircraft : A320 Lufthansa
Autopilot: Alt=14000ft VS:250
Graphics settings: all low , anti aliasing:off
Server free flight Server during Olympics event( very heavy Traffic)
Device: Cubot X11 no background apps

Sounds like you disengaged the A/P without noticing.
450 KIAS is unrealistically fast, by the way…


But my nose hasnt pitched Down , I hasnt disengaged A/P( it would take more time then 3sec. When this wouldnt be a bug ) and I was Flying a bit fast because I was the last in my Team ( Olympics event)

If your nose did not pitch down and you were descending at 12000 feet a minute, there is definitely something wrong.

450 KTS is unrealistically fast, might have been something that happened with this?

Or it is just my device my APP crashed 4 times before I could takeoff someone else owned a Cubot x11

This Is strange.

Normally, when you fly at high speeds at low altitudes, your plane pitches-down.
But you said that your plane was not pitching-down…

What was your pitch angle?

And after I set the graphics too low and spawn at any other Airport the APP crashed too after 2 seconds. I think this is an Internal error of my device

My VS was at +250 maybe my angle was around +0.05degrees

If you say it’s a device error, try a factory reset, it could help.

Team Germany?
Spotted this fall

Thanks I will try it

I saw you too ;-) I was GER02

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I fixed it I just reset the cash and all run great now I tested it and Landed on 4 airports in one flight without appcrashing (normally the APP crashed before I could Land 2 times) thanks for your support 🙌

No problem!