Drones vs Planes

That’s not possible. My pool takes up the backyard.

You could fly it over the pool?

Have you ever practised flying over the pool? You could make some cool effects on the water. But it’s only worth it if you have a cheap helicopter.

My copter is $120. I could try with the cover on but if there is wind it will probably blown over the fence.

Wow, ok. There’s a lot of wind by the sounds?
Anyway, a little back on topic. This is what a little incident between drones and planes make look like:

Btw it’s fake but looks really realistic


There goes the winglet…

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Yeah, it’s not much of a bad incident but still sounds and looks realistic. The drone couldn’t cut through the winglet like that anyway. The aircraft would be able to land safely but people may be injured.

The more dangerous one is the engines… like a birdstrike

Oh gee, look at this close call!

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Yeah that’s my main concern for drones hitting aircraft. The majority of the time light drones will just impact, cause minor damage, and the plane can be flown back safely. Issue is if it hits the engine and the fire system isn’t working properly causing an engine fire. Also that was definitely one of the larger drones I’ve seen, I’m guessing it was in the 60lb range or somewhere around there. I believe even in Canada, which has relaxed laws compared to the U.S., you would require a licence to operate such a large UAS.

Did the drone hit the aircraft

or did the aircraft hit the drone? :()

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How do you know it was fake?

Look at the description. There is also another video on YouTube of how the graphics were done.

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