Drones in Infinite Flight

Opinion thread on the MQ series, the Avenger, and any other medium sized prop/jet UAVs.

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I think that they could be a really cool addition with unique handing.

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Terrible idea

Do you know how hard it will be to sequence a landing with a drone cleared for landing?


Drone 1 number 1 cleared for landing

B747 number 2 enter right down wind runway 1
maintain slowest practical speed

New aircraft investigation, 747 drunks over drone with drone stuck in the gear pit.


Couldn’t you just sequence them behind planes?

This is as bad as birds :/. If they have problems with drones in the real world, how do you think they will work in IF? Save it for drone simulator 2016.

Doubt it

The most there gonna do is direct you into a non busy airport

Maybe it will be added in the game years to come.

It would be just like flying any other plane on IF. There just wouldn’t be cockpit view.


Crap wrong vote

Made a topic about one:

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