Drones Dangerous to the Aviation Community?

I wouldn’t mind seeing ADS-B on Drones one day

Some large ones do, I think the issue is the cost of that.

More laws need to be put in place for drones, as well as serious punishments for violations of these laws. Additional altitude restrictions, and operation near airports and helipads would be a good start. As well as required tracking software and maybe even bright lighting, like @anon93248082 just mentioned with ADS-B, so aircraft and ATC can make sure there are minimal safety risks.

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An issue I face is it’s is fairly hard to determine what is 400 AGL. I ussaly have to guess. With airplanes and helicopters it is kind of hard to put a limited on them. It could interfere with stunts etc.

It’s 400 ft above the ground you are at. That’s pretty simple to figure out A good reminder, don’t fly above trees

Not to be that guy, but What Happens When a Drone Hits an Airplane Wing

It’s ok though. Your topic is much better and has a lot more replies already!


Thanks for being that guy lol

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I don’t know how tall your trees are but here where I live they don’t get anywhere close to 400 AGL. They might get to 100 feet max. Plus flying that low can be dangerous considering my field is surrounded by trees it is very easy to get stuck.

They’re about 100ft. Like I said it’s a good rule of thumb, if you don’t fly above trees you and I have a less likely time to run into each other. If you fly your drone into a tree well then that’s another issue lol

The planes I fly can get up to 50mph. With how close the trees are it’s pretty much the only option to fly above them. If you had a drone then you might not have to deal with that issue. they’re are much easier to control and are usually slower.

Actually I’ll message you

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And forget about it if you get to 401 ft AGL, it’s lock up for you, lel

I love my drone, and always try to fly it according to laws and regulations. But they can be dangerous… as long as the drone pilot isn’t doing anything stupid, there shouldn’t be an issue. But there’s always that person out there that wants to fly a drone next to an airliner or by an airport. Please don’t do that. You are jeopardizing the lives of everyone on board the aircraft and on the ground too (not to mention your expensive drone)! Fly safe please - so drones and UAVs can continue to be a fun way to enjoy aviation!

Cheers all and fly safe,

Jake :)

Great topic @anon93248082! :)

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Think about the guy who hit the US Army Blackhawk, he didn’t have a good day from the Feds lol

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He was probably at 401 ft AGL. The outlaw

Maybe not 40 but 10-20 hours def.

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What? That’s surprising. It’s like you don’t have enough things to worry about lol. Apparently there are certified drone pilots now lol.

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I stand by my 40 hour comment, they’re an extremely danger toys.

You should see people who have one and try brag about it lol

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