Drones at EHAM 18C approach

Drones at EHAM 18C approach!


Seems like those guys wanted an accident.

Surely this isn’t allowed!

Of course it isn´t.

It isn’t allowed.

So why is there a live feed.

It’s ATC feed.

Some idiot was flying a drone in the way of the flight path for 18C, it was noticed by Tower/the aircraft.

The question is not if an incident will happen, but when.
This is a huge problem.

Oh okay. I see. Thanks for explaining that.

Glad That the drone didn’t Make any Accident. Though Related Authorities must ensure that something Like this wouldn’t happen anymore. (It would be a Hard Work to Prevent these Drones, They Have to do something)

Drone jammer signals on ILS glideslopes?

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That could get dangerous. Home made or commercial drones operate on frequencies spanning a fairly large band. It might not be a good idea to block all of that.

How far way would that work? They were at 900 ft.

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