Drone vs Helicopter

It has happened once again it sounded like!
According to Switzerland officials a helicopter hit a drone, the helicopter was able to make it back to its base.

“The incident occurred at about 1000 meters above sea level in the Verzasca Valley, as reported by the cantonal police of Ticino. The investigation showed that a propeller wing of the helicopter registered in Switzerland showed traces of a collision with a hard object”

The first know incident of a drone vs a helicopter was in the United States, when a UH60 “Blackhawk Helicopter” collided with a drone during a Presidential TFR. The NTSB found the Drone Pilot in fault for the incident, the drone caused a 1 1/2 inch dent on the leading edge of one of its main rotor blades. In addition, cracks in some composite fairing and window frame were observed.



This is why you fly a drone as far away from an airport as possible


And know your area, While it’s not all, a ton of drone operators are pretty ignorant to aviation rules and stuff.
I hate to admit it nothing will change until the day a drone kills several peolpe. The US has stricken regulations about it, but you can still fly for fun with out a cerficiation.

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Sorry to bring you into this conversation, I know you’re tower what’s typically a response when a pilot reports a drone?

From my strictly military tower perspective, I’ve always had civilian drones coordinated well ahead of time, whether its Verizon checking their towers in our airspace or public affairs taking pictures.

That said, if one is reported we simply relay that information to other aircraft in the vicinity so they can use caution. The information also gets passed to approach so they can broadcast to their guys.

If it becomes a greater issue beyond that we can channel the location and such to command post so the local authorities can be notified but those things are extremely difficult to pinpoint.


Thanks for answering the question!!

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