Drone shatters nose cone on Aeromexico flight

This is a pretty scary event. Aeromexico flight 770 was on approach into Tijuana airport when a drone collided into the nose. The plane, XA-ADV, an Aeromexico 737-800 managed to safely land with no injuries involved. https://www.rt.com/news/446416-plane-drone-collision-mexico/

Hate to say it but nothing going to change until a few drones kill people.


I agree, nothing will change until deaths have happened to the poor innocent people. Don’t see why government’s didn’t think about the laws etc before they were produced.


It’s not hard, you fly your drone in a flight path of an aircraft and it’s extremely possible

One day, after all these incidents, we are gonna see a fatality. Drones are no joke, those things need to be maintained in a safe altitude and legal area to fly them.Lucky it was the nose, cause if that was the engine, oh boy…

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cant deny the truth

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Imagine if it went into the wing, or even into the engine!

Scary stuff.
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Not again! Fly responsibility people! It’s not hard to fly a drone in a good location.


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