Drone questions

Hi I got a new GoPro for my birthday but the current mount on my phantom 3 only fits my old hero 3. I now have the hero 6 is there a way to just replace the top spinning part of the camera mount to make the hero 6 fit? For now could I just put it at the top like this? (I haven’t stuck the GoPro mount to the top yet)

@DeerCrusher do you use a GoPro with yours?

I currently use a hero 3 because the mount is too small for my hero 6 is there a mount for a hero 6 like my current one?

Deer might be able to weigh in since I know he has a drone. I have one too but it has its own camera system for still shots and videos.


I’m not an expert, but the top mount seems like a bad idea…

Why so, if they make a mount for it and the drone is equipped to handle then it should be fine KPIT. ;)

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It looks like just a sticky mount, and I would assume a lot of the stability of it comes from the fact that all the weight is below the propellers. Especially since it is so small in the footprint sense there does not seem to be a lot of compensation for more weight. But as I said I could be totally wrong that is just what it looks like from what I see…


I’m not familiar with the more recent Phantom series. I upgraded to the Platinum Mavic Pro up from the first generation Phantoms. Which at the time only came with a mount that you would screw into the bottom of the drone.

Because yours is a newer Phantom, the 3 to be specific, it came with the gimble assembly I assume.

The amazon link that I’ve attached is the mount that mine came with. https://www.amazon.com/Mounting-Bracket-Action-Phantom-Quadcopter/dp/B00I5MN1FQ

With that said, I can’t give advice to removing the gimble assembly but that’s up to you.

Is the Hero 6 smaller in size compared to the Hero 3? What’s the reason to removing the camera mount?

But here is what I bough earlier this year. Camera is all tied into the drone. Works like a charm and great flight time.


Actually I see your point, I was talking about the one on top, I agree that the bottom one at least is probably made by DJI and is made for it…

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And don’t top mount the camera. The blades may hit the camera. Vibration will eventually shake the camera adhesive loose if that’s what you plan on using. Needs to be mounted via hardware (screws)


So question for @SPB2727_Skyteam, are you sure it is a 3? From everything I have seem so far the 3 is the first to have it built in. The 2, and 1 did not. Not saying you are wrong nessarly, just want to confirm…

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Yes it’s a hero 3

so is there a solution?? I’m kinda worried

Cool but I the screws look different on the phantom 3

Is there a way to make my GoPro fit like this?

That would add weight to the gimble and be a modification. Your taking lots of risks there that may afeect how the drone flies

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Oh ok crap I wasted 400$ :|

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Oh, I see, I was actually asking if it was a phantom 3…

Also is the gimbal removable?

Oh k I think it’s a phantom 3 that’s what it said on the box tho

Ok! Great, I must have missed something…