Drone INTERIOR free cam

I am so confused on how to do this. All I see are the outside free cams. Pls answer and thank very much.

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Ok so,

When you go to the locked free camera’s, do you see 5 boxes?

It depends on the plane, only recent models have it stationed in the cockpit from the go. (they are all starting from above the plane on replay mode)

The difference is the sound you hear; interior or exterior

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All you need to do is, go to the interior drone cameras then move them where you want to put them example would be the engine / wing views.

The ‘interior’ naming isn’t to do with the cam itself; you can place any of them anywhere. It is because 2 have interior sounds, and two have exterior ones.


Ok but how do I place them that’s my question

Drag them around like you would with the normal freecam.


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