Drone hits plane in Canada

A drone over Quebec City on Thursday collided with a Skyjet flight while attempting to land at Jean Lesage International Airport. No one was injured. The King Air 350 suffered only minor damage in the incident. The drone was flying in illegal airspace when the incident occurred. No charges have been pressed on the owner of the drone yet. The Canadian Government is now questioning the safety of drones.
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Ouch 😬. That’s not good.


Well. First real drone-plane collision I’ve seen


This was bound to happen, thankfully the damage was minor.


We need more drone regulations and supervision. I think people should have to take a test online to get qualified to fly a drone.

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I bet the guy who owned the drone just ran 😂


And this is why you must have a license in the US to fly certain drones.


The CNN lady made it sound like the aircraft should have crashed. 😒

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It’d be crazy to need a license for all drones. You can literally get a decent size drone at target for fear little cost. I hope they never make a law to need a license for all drones they are so fun.

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Just check your local laws on drones look where you can fly and not be a danger to aircraft and ask your neighbors if it’s okay of you fly around, that’s what I think about drones.

But I hate to tell you this: Drone license do exist in the US for the good or bad. I, myself have a drone but I do not need a license for it as it is under a certain weight.


Certain weight and size right?

Yes. Along with altitude restrictions.

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It was… er… him! He did it!


Seriously, this is why I the government should develop “attack drones” to hunt down regular drones. Honestly, who would waste money to get a drone?

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Wait so a stupid 12 year old kid hacked his drone and flew it into Rudolph???

I love drones but the world really needs to take action on drone laws because one day this is going to cost lives.

We’re all equal under 10,000`. 250kts is 250kts

Knew this was gonna happen eventually. Watch, one is gonna get sucked into an engine soon.


Most people that operate drones are responsible and know when to fly them. That is why the FAA has regulations regarding them!