Drone Hits a Landing 737

Another drone incident. People really need to learn not to fly their toys near airplanes and airports.


Is there not a shoot down rule for these sorts of things?


How do you shoot a drone right near an airport?


I remember this happened a couple of moths ago on a BA A320 at Heathrow. Something needs to change

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3 lines going across the nose… How big was this drone??


There is, but the technology does not exist yet.

They’ve started training raptors to bring down drones. I saw some footage recently where they’d trained Golden Eagles to take 'em out if they got too close to prohibited airspace. They’ve been doing it in the Netherlands: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/feb/01/dutch-netherlands-police-birds-unauthorized-drones


That’s a lot of money for that drone pilot to pay


I have 2 drones and I have had them for like just over a year now and I have NEVER crashed it. Like please don’t just think that everyone with a drone is a nimrod because most people aren’t idiots with there drones. It just some people decide it’s a fun idea to fly a drone over a airport.

EDIT: Just a little side note. With these cheep china garbage drones that take like 50p to make the rise of the moron will get drones banned because someone flew it into a plane and then it crashed causing people to die. Because drones are cheaper than a year ago. It will happen someday


What I’d like to ask these people is, “How is endangering the lives of hundreds fun?”

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Oh no it actually damaged an aircraft!

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I know right I have a drone and it’s all good

What drone was it? A DJI Phantom or Inspire? Maybe a mavic or a matrice?

It was only a matter a of time before this happened, this is why you shouldn’t let an idiot with a drone near an airport

And soon it will be only a matter of time before one goes into a engine bringing the whole plane down

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Surprised they haven’t come up with anything to stop drones flying around airports like some sort of technology to take them down or crash them, or something to then warn the flyer to turn it back or they will be reported

I would say signals that make a drone fall to the ground, but that would likely interfere with ATC and ILS, etc.

Not if its unregistered and or home made.

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Wouldn’t the plane still have the other engine to fly with? Or there was another idiot near the airport flying another drone which hit the planes other engine… the it’s the miracle on the Hudson all over again… except with drones not geese! 😎🇦🇺

Man, that’s scary. I hope this is a wake up call around the world.