Drone Camera

I’m currently flying from MMMX to SBGR and I have a bug with the drone camera 2, I don’t really know what is happening here.

i’m almost sure you just turned the camera upside down

Nop, the other cameras are normal, specially this one, its inverted I think

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I’m sorry but then idk how to help you, as for me this cam just looks like its upside down

as you can see the ground is above and the clouds are below

Try to just swipe from bottom to top or vice versa until it is the right way up.

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Drone Camera 1

Drone Camera 2

I already tried ☹️

try double tapping the screen, as the cam might be locked in ur plane

Nothing happen 🥲

If you pan up/down 180 degrees, will this flip you the right side up?

I’m gonna try this

I paused the sim, returned to the drone camera 2 and it was already in its original position
Thanks @Alexander_Nikitin @Ecoops123 @GBKarp for your help