Driving by KEWR

I drove by KEWR last night while driving down to the Jersey Shore, and these were some pictures I took! So sorry for the quality, all the cars on the highway we’re going pretty fast so it was hard to stabilize my phone.

TAP Portugal A330 waiting to takeoff to Lisbon

United B737 landing (can’t remember from where)

British Airways B777 preparing for flight to London

Air India B787 preparing at remote gate for flight to London/Ahmedabad

TAP Portugal A330 taking off, and beginning their flight to Lisbon


Very nice but if you were driving please be safe and avoid using your phone, just a suggestion for your and everyone else’s safety :)


I have a feeling someone else was driving. It would be pretty darn difficult to get a picture while managing to drive down a highway, especially with traffic.


Did you get a ticket for using your phone while driving?


That what I think too someone else was driving


The NJ Turnpike always has great views nice shots :-)


I love going by newark!


^ It’s quite enjoyable to pass by. Layout and proximity to the road makes it so that you are able to see some cool stuff.

Thanks for sharing your photos! :)


That’s good advice if he was driving, which I doubt. [Some] New Jersey drivers are some of the worst in the country from my experience (no offense to anyone who lives there).

I bet people from NJ say the same thing about NY drivers.


Ah, KEWR - my stomping grounds. Love the traffic EWR gets - lots of different airlines and aircraft. Great pictures! :)

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Don’t worry all I was a passenger. I would never try to take pictures and drive ;)


The whole Tri-State area in general is pretty bad…lol some of the things I see can’t be made up. If you park at the IKEA parking lot right off the turnpike you’re right under the approach path - makes for some awesome shots. Cops have been kicking people out lately tho so I wouldn’t advise it.

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No they really are awful. Me and my family were just not moving in traffic on the NJ Turnpike, and everyone was literally making their own lanes, even truck drivers!! Drivers are insane. Oh and in southern jersey they hit up to 90 mph it’s crazy.

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I was just spotting there a few weeks ago.

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